Zivid Enhances Industrial Automation with Support for NVIDIA Jetson Orin

Zivid Enhances Industrial Automation with Support for NVIDIA Jetson Orin

Anja Lalović

Chicago, 6th May - Zivid announced its latest SDK, offering NVIDIA Jetson Orin support, which unlocks a new level of accessibility for machine vision and AI. Zivid's human-like vision and use of NVIDIA's Jetson modules for edge AI and robotics bring accessible automation as well as speed, cost, power efficiency, and flexibility to a range of industrial settings. This Norwegian company is present at this year’s Automate Show, located at Booth 4270.

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‘’Zivid’s Jetson support is the first step towards integration with NVIDIA’s Isaac platform and Isaac Sim,’’ says Henrik Schumann-Olsen Cofounder of Zivid. ‘’Having Zivid’s outstanding point cloud quality and unique ability to see accurate colors will enable robotic manipulators to detect objects in most clustered environments.”

NVIDIA Isaac Sim delivers photorealistic high-fidelity simulation. Zivid’s machine vision technology makes it possible to accurately capture reality, and one day, even bring the reality into the simulation.

By using NVIDIA Jetson Orin modules, companies can choose the AI computing power that suits their application needs. Whether there is a requirement for high-speed processing or a preference for lower power consumption, the full lineup of Jetson Orin modules delivers the capabilities and options to best fit specific customer needs.

Jetson Orin captured by Zivid 2+ M60Jetson Orin captured by Zivid 2+ M60

Zivid cameras are ideal for applications such as order fulfilment, bin picking, and robot guidance, where high resolution and high quality 2D and 3D data are essential. Zivid has designed its camera lineup to deliver true to reality human-like vision to any application and any situation.

Zivid has an innovative vision of the future for advanced automation, where AI and 3D vision are fundamental technologies for enabling a wide range of applications and industries. From manufacturing and logistics to robotics, healthcare and agriculture, artificial intelligence in combination with 3D cameras can enable new levels of productivity, quality, and safety.

For more information on Zivid camera contact marie.bodet@zivid.com or visit our booth at Automate (number 4270).

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