Top 9 Demos from Automate 2024

Top 9 Demos from Automate 2024

Marie Bodet

North America's premier automation event, Automate, concluded its four-day run from May 6th to 9th in Chicago, IL. If you missed out on the action, fear not! We've curated a list of the top 9 demos showcased at this convention, tailored for automation and robotics industry professionals and enthusiasts, alike. 

Gray Matter Robotics 

Gray Matter Robotics, the winner of the 2024 Automate Innovation Award, displayed their Scan&Sand solution at Automate 2024. This system highlights the ability to perform surface finishing on high mix and high variability parts with the GMR-AI to determine the best paths for the surface finishing task.


Pickit showcased its robust and agile machine vision software platform with a range of capabilities including (but not limited to) pick & place, robot guiding, and assembly, highlighting the precision and efficiency. This solution’s vision is enabled by a Zivid 2 M70.

CapSen Robotics


CapSen Robotics shared with Automate visitors their new PiC 2.0 - a hardware-agnostic platform with advanced motion planning algorithms. Although the platform is agnostic, CapSen has been integrating Zivid 2+, as it is the industry leader when it comes to point cloud quality and cycle time performance.



AWL's Robotic Singulator (ROSI) is powered by Fizyr's sofware and Zivid 2. ROSI delivers remarkable speed and reliability in parcel induction. With features such as rapid adaptability and exceptional singulation accuracy, ROSI equipped with a Zivid camera promises enhanced efficiency and performance in warehouse operations. This demo was presented at Zivid’s booth.



Comau introduced MI.RA/OnePicker, a fully automated piece-picking system revolutionizing intralogistics workflow. Integrating Zivid 2+ with its Omni Engine, the system excels in automatic handling of objects, minimizing errors, and boosting productivity, while ensuring employee safety and engagement.

Rapid Robotics


Rapid Robotics showcased a kitting demo featuring a stationary Zivid 2 M70 camera mounted alongside a robot arm. The Rapid iD system utilizes generative AI and high-accuracy point clouds from Zivid to identify SKUs and adaptively optimize picking and placing processes.



SICK's high-performance 3D robot guidance system, powered by Zivid 2 M70, offers unparalleled versatility across multiple use cases from automotive to logistics to pharmaceuticals. Modular in design, the solution boasts fully functional capabilities with provisions for specialized functionality through third-party plug-ins.



Siemens, in collaboration with , demoed a piece-picking solution for eCommerce and logistics, enabled by Universal Robots and Zivid. Featuring Siemens' SIMATIC Robot PickAI, Universal Robots' UR20, and Zivid 2+ M130 camera, the solution addresses challenges in intra-logistics fulfillment tasks with utmost precision and efficiency.

PICK AI Webinar



Mujin presented a cutting-edge bin-picking user interface powered by Zivid 2 M70 camera, offering visitors a simplified approach to deploying complex picking tasks. The demonstration highlighted the seamless integration and user-friendly interface of the platform.

Their demo included three Zivid 2+ cameras. There were two on top of their booth, showing their new web interface for ease of use and adding in new CAD models to bin-picking setups. The third Zivid 2+ was an M130, used to showcase picking and placing of the gears.

Automation Is Powered by Collaboration

As industries continue to embrace automation to drive efficiency and competitiveness, Zivid remains committed to pushing the boundaries of possibility.

Zivid is dedicated to innovation and committed to forging meaningful partnerships. This year’s Automate Show stands as a testament to the fact that partnerships and collaborations are what builds this industry. 

Want to know why Automate was flooded with Zivid cameras this year? Schedule a free demo with our vision engineers! 

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