Applications with a Robot-Mounted 3D Camera : 3 Success Stories

Applications with a Robot-Mounted 3D Camera : 3 Success Stories

Marie Bodet

Two years ago, we introduced the Zivid 2, a 3D camera designed for robot-mounted applications without compromise. In this blog post, we give you a retrospective of some of our best robot-mounted case studies.

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Robot-mounted benefits

When you mount your 3D camera onto your robot, you have just given your robot the freedom to see anything within its reach. Now it can look at multiple scenes in its working area, you have 360 degrees of possibilities around the robot. Here is a checklist of the multiple benefits you can get from this architecture:

Avoid bin occlusions and shadows

Avoid optical singularities from bright reflections

Capture more point cloud detail from optimal positions

Use 360° of the robot’s working area

Work in the vertical and horizontal planes of operation

Capture from the optimum working distance

Flexible, self-contained mobile robot cells


Back in 2020...

Two years ago, we launched the Zivid 2, a camera that is lightweight, fast, and robust, and that can deliver outstanding 3D sensing quality in challenging industrial environments. With the Zivid 2 3D camera, your robot can move closer in or further out and look at scenes from different angles to get the absolute best view possible.

In fact, Zivid 2 has been named a Gold Honoree in the 2021 Vision Systems Design Innovators Awards. The award is a recognition of the hard work we’ve put into producing a second-generation camera that’s specifically designed to support robot-mounted vision applications. 

Since we introduced the Zivid 2, many companies have adopted the "robot-mounted principles" to unleash the potential of their vision-guided application. 

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Top 3 use cases

Here are three customer stories with Zivid’s 3D cameras for robot-mounted applications in the automotive, manufacturing, and logistics industries.

1. CMES fuses deep learning with 3D machine vision to change the face of automotive assembly



2. Scan&Sand™ in high-quality, complex, skilled sanding and finishing operations with GrayMatter


3. Robotire introduces the next generation tire changing system


Want to read more use cases? Get in-depth details about real examples of automated solutions with a robot-mounted 3D camera: 

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