Zivid's summer round-up

Øyvind Borgan

A summer summary!

We understand if you missed some of our exciting updates over the summer, but worry not: here they are all listed for you!


A major software update was the release of SDK 2.0. The official release includes a range of ground-breaking industry firsts, like filtering to correct contrast distortion artifacts, enhanced HDR image capture sequencing, and multi-camera calibration.


We simplified on-arm robot and stationary mounting with the official Zivid camera mounts. All accessories are available directly from our webshop.

3D machine vision resources

We added several new case studies and eBooks over the summer. Now you can find several new success stories - all using the Zivid One+ 3D color cameras.

Get more inspiration and knowledge from our new ebooks:

Part 1: How does structured light really work?

Meet our customer engineers!

Get a 1:1 meeting about 3D vision and Zivid One+ 3D cameras.

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