Zivid wins gold design innovators award for robot-mounted 3D camera

Zivid wins gold design innovators award for robot-mounted 3D camera

Øyvind Borgan

OSLO, Norway, May 25th, 2021 – Zivid, the 3D machine vision camera company, has been named a Gold Honoree in the 2021 Vision Systems Design Innovators Awards for its industrial Zivid 2 on-arm 3D color camera. Judged by a panel of independent experts from system integrator and end-user companies, this annual awards program recognizes the best products in the machine vision and imaging industries.

On receiving the award Zivid CEO Thomas Embla Bonnerud said,

The award is recognition of the hard work we’ve put into producing a second-generation camera that’s specifically designed to support on-arm robot-guided applications. Customers were telling us that they needed a high definition, fast image capture 3D color camera that was much smaller, lighter and more rugged. Zivid 2 successfully ticks all the boxes.”

In the face of rapidly increasing demand for throughput and faster robot cycle times, particularly in the logistics sector, the Zivid 2 can capture a typical high-definition scene with more than 2 million individual points in as little as 100 ms. For the integrator this means cycle times in the region of 6-9 seconds being readily achievable for a broad range of bin-picking, piece-picking and machine-tending duties.

Mark Stevens, Director of Business Development at Capsen Robotics commented,

The Zivid 2 3D camera provides our 3D vision and motion planning software,CapSen PiC with the image resolution and capture time needed to meet cycle time requirements at industry leading speed, also enabling ultra-fine manipulation that is demanded in the most difficult of piece-picking applications. There is really no compromise between the two aspects.

The important issue of payload limitation has also been addressed by the Zivid 3D camera’s much smaller form factor and lower unit weight. Measuring just 169 x 122 x 56 mm, and weighing in at only 940g, Zivid 2 ensures payload, flexibility and maneuverability are maximized for both industrial and collaborative robot arms.


At the same time, to protect calibration accuracy the new 3D camera has also been engineered to tolerate the accelerations, decelerations, emergency stops and knocks of the most arduous of industrial robot cycles. Fully stress-tested, the IP65-rated Zivid Two will withstand a 15G impact, 5G sine vibration and an operating temperature range of 0 to 45ºC.

Commenting on the award, Robert Bevec, Head of KoCo Development, Kolektor Digital said,

Our autonomous KoCo robot worker needs the very best in image resolution and image capture time, and Zivid 2 has proven itself more than capable. What’s more, the objections there were to on-arm mounting of 3D cameras, it has soundly and single-handedly removed. The innovators award is more than merited.

To simplify on-arm mounting, Zivid has also introduced a complete range of lightweight accessories for the Zivid 2 camera. It comprises a camera bracket and on-arm mounts for collaborative and industrial robot brands, a protective cage, a detachable cable guide as well as a choice of data and power cables.

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