Zivid 2+ Hands-on Workshop with Customers

Zivid 2+ Hands-on Workshop with Customers

John Leonard

Zivid’s latest industrial 3D camera family, the Zivid 2+ has been creating a lot of excitement across our customer base with people being consistently impressed with its next-level point cloud quality and performance. In September we began a series of hands-on workshops for customers to come and experience Zivid 2+ for themselves working with the kind of objects that they encounter in their own applications. 

A very interesting day, with lots of great learnings. The day was managed beautifully”. 

- Alex, VDL Nedcar

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Zivid has nearly a decade’s worth of experience working with customers who are developing industrial 3D machine vision solutions. We place great emphasis on intimate technical support during the evaluation, development, and deployment phases for such projects. We know that each set of requirements has its own specialties and challenges to be addressed. In short, we believe in the personal touch, it builds trust and most important of all it is the fastest route to success for all involved. Having a full day’s workshop in the customer’s region offers the opportunity to have quality 1:1 time with customers. Educate yourself on why challenges happen and how you can solve those challenges with the Zivid 2+ 3D camera. 

The full Zivid 2+ family available for use 

At the Zivid hands-on workshops, we have the full product family with us to demonstrate where each 3D camera provides the best fit. 

Zivid 2+ M60 

  • Highest quality point cloud for capturing the smallest details and features
  • Suitability: robot guiding, assembly, and Inspection
  • Suitable for robot-mounted use

Zivid 2+ M130 

  • Long working distance and deep working volume even when statically mounted above the robot
  • Bin picking, machine tending, Parcel induction, and handling

Zivid 2+ L110 

  • Medium working distance, very broad FOV
  • Bin picking from multiple bins, robot-mounted depalletization, and robot guiding for working on large objects

We have all 3 3D camera variants with us so that customers get a very tailored experience that really matches their aspirations and makes the learning right on point for their needs. 

A suitcase full of parts, and bring your own parts 

Experience the Zivid 2+ is one half of the equation, the other side is working on the parts that matter. For this reason, we have a full suitcase full of a wide range of parts so that if you are picking shiny metal parts, piece-picking transparent items, inspecting complex detailed subjects, or picking boxes and packages, we have it covered. We bring over 50 different types of objects with us, and multiple of each. We draw straws for who brings this rather heavy suitcase with them! We of course invite attendees to bring their own parts of interest if they wish, then they can work with exactly their items of interest. 

Low on PowerPoint, high on touch 

I learned a lot, I got so many great insights, and inspiration for how we can improve our application”.

- Jelle, Max3D 

We’ve all been there, a training day that exists purely on the screen with slide after slide, after slide. At Zivid, we do things differently. The day has a structure to cover the absolutely necessary, but we do this with a learn-by-doing approach, we back this up with some more formal education on screen, or using a whiteboard where it will help. The takeaway is really each day we assess the audience, what are their needs, what they care about, and what is not appropriate for their needs. From there we adapt, include, and reduce the parts that matter to ensure a solid day of focused learning. 

Kick-off: Amsterdam 

We had our first event in Amsterdam at the end of September. It really was a great day and the feedback we received from customers was incredibly positive. Everybody loved getting straight to it and capturing, seeing the potential challenges, and getting 1:1 support explaining how to overcome those challenges. 


There was one thing, Zivid 2+ is really that good, many said that the point clouds they were getting using the suitable application presets that are now available, were quite good enough already, detailed, accurate, and clean without point cloud artifacts and anomalies, that’s a great place to start. 

See you next time!

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