Zivid appoints MoviMED in North America

Øyvind Borgan

Imaging solutions provider expands product portfolio with Zivid 3D color cameras

OSLO, Norway, February 5, 2019 – Zivid, the 3D machine vision camera company, has announced the signing of a distribution agreement with 3D imaging systems specialist MoviMED. It covers both Zivid One and Zivid One Plus 3D color camera product families deployed in various industrial automation applications throughout North America.

The agreement enables MoviMED to offer system integrators and end users high-accuracy, time-multiplexed structured light-based 3D color imaging solutions for the first time, complementing its existing laser triangulation, stereoscopic and time-of-flight camera and sensor technologies.

CEO of MoviMED, Markus Tarin said, “The addition of the Zivid 3D color cameras means we effectively complete our product portfolio. Having access to such a leading-edge, structured light solution enables us to address an even wider array of 3D machine vision applications. There is a rapidly increasing need for almost human-like machine vision and Zivid products provide it.”

Raman Sharma, Zivid’s VP of Sales and Marketing, Americas said, “MoviMED’s in-depth experience and knowledge of custom 3D imaging systems is a perfect fit for Zivid. Whether it’s specifying and supplying a camera, or designing and integrating a complete turnkey solution, the right technical understanding is vital and MoviMED have it in abundance. We look forward to working with them.”


The Zivid One Plus 3D color cameras are available via distributors and system integration partners, or directly from Zivid.

About MoviMED

MoviMED is a distributor and systems integrator for industrial 3D Imaging Solutions. The company is located in Irvine, CA, USA. Founded in 1999, the company employs a customer-centered business model to provide cost-effective and targeted solutions for manufacturing companies in a variety of industries.

Competencies include advanced 3D imaging with technologies such as time of flight sensors, stereoscopic imaging, laser triangulation, confocal microscopy and interferometry. MoviMED provides sensors and cameras, know-how, consulting, technical support as well as custom software development all the way to turnkey system solutions.

Design capabilities also include complex motion control and robotics for scanning, part manipulation as well as pick and place applications.

MoviMED is a National Instruments Alliance Partner Silver – Vision Specialty.

To find out more, please visit www.movimed.com


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