Zivid and INFAIMON expands 3D vision availability with a multinational partnership

Øyvind Borgan

InPicker now available with Zivid One 3D cameras

OSLO, Norway, August 21, 2018 -- Zivid, the leader in 3D vision for Industry 4.0 and robot automation, has signed an agreement with INFAIMON for sales and technical implementation of Zivid One 3D vision cameras. INFAIMON is a multinational company dedicated exclusively to artificial vision and image analysis technology with principal offices in Spain, Portugal, Mexico, and Brazil.


"INFAIMON is excited to introduce Zivid One 3D cameras to our industrial imaging solutions," said Salvador Giro, CEO of INFAIMON. "We have worked with vision solutions the last 25 years, and the quality of data required in today's growing vision-guided robotics is only made possible with Zivid One from Zivid."

INFAIMON uses the most advanced components and vision systems in the market and works with the most prestigious manufacturers worldwide. The InPicker solution uses Vision Guided Robotics (VGR) for collecting, evaluating, and identifying object data, and picking and placing components in automotive, pharmaceutical, logistics and e-commerce applications.

"Companies automating their production lines and warehouses introducing robots for automation need 3D eyes like Zivid One," said Henrik Schumann-Olsen, CEO of Zivid. "INFAIMON has unique 3D vision expertise and a track record of quickly identifying, solving, and implementing solutions for our customers. With our partnership with INFAIMON, we can solidify and accelerate growth in Industry 4.0 markets."


Zivid One 3D color cameras are available in Spain, Portugal, Brazil and Mexico via INFAIMON, or directly from sales@zivid.com for all other regions. More information is available at www.zivid.com.


INFAIMON is a multinational company with 25 year’s experience exclusively within artificial vision and image analysis technology. INFAIMON has offices in Spain, Portugal, Mexico, and Brazil, while also serving additional countries in Latin America. The InPicker software use advanced 3D image analysis to recognize and determine the position of random objects. InPicker precisely places target objects in a three-dimensional space, guiding robots to extract the selected object while avoiding collisions and obstacles. Learn more on infaimon.com




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