SDK 2.4: quality, reliability and simplicity

Marie Bodet

You must have noticed all the software updates you get on your smartphone, your computer, and other electronic devices over the year.

With more than 50 versions of their iOS since 2010, you could say that Apple takes software improvement seriously!
Another example: At Tesla, an update added 40 miles of capacity to the electric cars' full system battery charge. The fact that this is possible without any physical reengineering is proof of the importance of software updates.

In a world of technology where products continuously improve over their lifetime, it is the software that breathes life into these products and delivers the user experience that we all know and love.

At Zivid, the search for high-quality is our obsession passion, and we never stop working to improve our products - and software.

So instead of going on vacation this summer, we decided to release the latest Software Development Kit for you. Enjoy the SDK 2.4!

Download   Zivid SDK 2.4.0

What’s new with SDK 2.4?

  • Image quality
  • Stripe Engine now available for Zivid 2

Our Zivid 2 camera now supports the Stripe Vision Engine, enabling you to get even better point clouds on shiny objects. Here is an example: 

Stripe example with shiny objects
Remember, we introduced Zivid Stripe Vision Engine in this video not so long ago: 


  • 2x more accurate Hand-Eye Calibration
Hand-Eye Calibration is a must, especially for logistics automation. In this new SDK, we have optimized it so that you get a better result with even fewer poses! The new algorithm improves the already low translation errors by more than 2x.

  • Introducing Zivid Calibration Model 2.1 for Zivid 2 cameras
We have made an upgrade to our factory calibration for Zivid 2, which now comes with ZCM 2.1 and further improves the accuracy of the camera. The benefits of this new calibration model will be unlocked when used with SDK 2.4.

You can read more about the upgrade here:  New Calibration document.

  • Camera reliability
  • Improved calibration algorithms for extreme temperatures

The point cloud accuracy and stability have been improved when using a Zivid 3D camera outside of its temperature specification. This improvement automatically applies to any existing Zivid camera. For example, a Zivid 1+ camera will exhibit more stable point cloud accuracy when used below its minimum specification of 10°C, e.g., close to 0°C.

Look at how we test our cameras in extreme temperatures here:

Zivid 3D thermal stability industrial

  • Speed improvements for longer exposure times.


  • Application simplicity
  • Improved network performance of Zivid 2 in cases of network loss.

  •  Configure the IP address of your Zivid 2 camera

The ZividNetworkCameraConfigurator is a new CLI tool that we have added which allows you to change the IP or hostname of a Zivid Two camera.

You can read more about how to use it in our Knowledge Base article.

  • Run multiple Zivid 2’s at the same time!
The “Multi-Zivid” functionality has been added for Zivid 2. This allows you to operate multiple Zivid 1+ and Two cameras simultaneously from the same PC. It is possible to:

  • Capture point clouds in parallel by running multiple threads each connected to its own camera.
  • Capture point clouds sequentially when connecting to multiple cameras from a single thread.

    You can read more about how to do that in this Knowledge Base article.


  • One last notable change...

SDK 2.4 does not support the original Zivid 1 camera. This does not affect Zivid 1+ Small, Medium, and Large. You can read more about this change here: Zivid 1 EOL document.

So, what are you waiting for? Download the latest software update now!

Download   Zivid SDK 2.4.0

We hope you like it!

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