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Capturing Unusual Objects in 3D

Øyvind Borgan


Oslo Ukulele Festival 2018 was recently arranged in our backyard. Not only did we get a crash course on this fine instrument, but we also got to scan a new object!

Using a Zivid One 3D camera straight out of the box, we could capture a point cloud of the Kala Ananas (Pineapple) ukulele using Zivid Studio.

The challenge is to grab both the dark and bright parts of the ukulele, in addition to the shiny metallic fret bands and the tiny strings, but Zivid One has settings that help you with similar objects.


Zivid Studio provided three views of the ukulele; the regular photo, a depth map, and the point cloud.

If you have tasks you need to have automated, machine vision can be used on "impossible" objects. Let's hear from you, maybe we can capture your unusual object!


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