Designing accessories for simplicity

Designing accessories for simplicity

Audun Kollstad


Design philosophy

When we introduce a range of accessories for our industrial 3D color cameras, we rely on our philosophy of simplifying complex tasks. The goal is to make it easier to set up and capture high-quality 3D images. Earlier, our customers had to rely on custom solutions when installing their Zivid One+ 3D cameras. Zivid accessories are available in our webshop.


Industrial grade

We design and manufacture products for industrial environments. This means that they need to be robust and tackle various temperatures, dust, and humidity. Compared to a stationary installation, mounting a 3D sensor or camera to a robot can affect payload and operation.

The on-arm and extender mounts were designed with collaborative robots in mind. All mounts are CNC machined from 6061-T6 aluminum to minimize the effect on payload capacity. An anodized finish ensures a scratch-resistant surface.

From ideation and sketch to final product.

Hours of testing and refinement have been done to ensure that these products work out of the box and provide a hassle-free user experience. We have worked hard to identify and overcome the most common pain points while installing and using our cameras.

Stationary Mount


The Zivid stationary mount.

The stationary mount is optimized for use with typical structural v-slot profiles. The mount will securely fasten the camera and ensure that its position is kept intact.

The mount can be rotated around two axes for easy targeting. Precise alignment can be achieved with the engraved scale that shows the angular position with 2-degree increments. Only one locking screw will lock the movement of both axes.

A nifty feature is the possibility to switch the rotational axes. The mount can easily be re-configured, giving you either pan-tilt or tilt-roll rotation. This is to ensure that you can always orient the camera to get the best possible view of your scene.

On-Arm Mount


Example of Zivid's on-arm mount with 3D camera on Universal Robots.

The on-arm mount is made for applications where a robot mounted camera is needed. It has been designed to fit between the robot arm and the end effector. We acknowledge that many robots have limited lifting capability, so the design has been weight-optimized to be only 140 grams, including fasteners.

When a gripper is used in combination with the mount, the two-piece design enables the camera to be removed while leaving the gripper in place. This has proven to save a lot of time while experimenting with the set-up of a robot system.

Cable management can be a challenge when working with robot mounted equipment. To ensure the camera won't get damaged, we provide an optional strain relief to secure the cables. Both the data cable and the power cable can be securely locked in place with a robust cable clamp.

On-Arm Extender


The extender adds flexibility when mounting 3D cameras on UR or Omron/TM.

For ultimate flexibility, the extender can be used in combination with the on-arm mount. The extender positions the camera further away from the robot arm to increase the freedom of movement. An open design makes it possible to route cables through the structure.


The new extension cables are rugged yet flexibility and robustness.

Cable Connectors

Zivid data and power cables are now available in the Zivid webshop.

We hope our Scandinavian heritage is visible in the new accessories, where function meets minimalism. All Zivid accessories are available in our webshop.

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