Zivid shows 3D vision for e-commerce

Øyvind Borgan

Zivid shows 3D vision in e-commerce robot cell at Hannover Messe

Robot-mounted color camera enables 1000 picks per hour

OSLO, Norway, February 26, 2018 – Zivid, the 3D machine vision camera company, is attending Hannover Messe 2019 with a live demonstration of a state-of-the-art e-fulfillment warehouse robot. Within the German-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce Pavilion in hall 16, stand D27, Zivid will showcase its Zivid One 3D color camera used with a Yaskawa HC-10 robot arm to achieve +1000 picks per hour.

This real-world demonstration mimics a much larger installation already operating 24/7 at the Beringe, Netherlands warehouse of global logistics leader DHL. With a robot-mounted Zivid One 3D color camera, this fully-automated robot cell can handle a wide range of products without prior teaching, performing depalletizing and order-picking operations at very high speed.

Zivid 3D camera is used by DHL for smart warehousing
( DHL uses Zivid 3D color cameras for e-fulfillment in their warehouse )

Operating on the pioneering principle of time-coded structured light projection, Zivid’s real-time, full color 3D cameras capture high-quality XYZ points with RGB color data to equip Industry 4.0 robotic and industrial automation systems with an almost human-like vision capability. A 2.3 MPix image size and an acquisition rate of 13 Hz produce vivid high definition 3D color images of even challenging industrial target object materials.

At the Hannover Messe the Zivid One Plus camera range will be fully featured. Comprising S, M and L (small, medium and large) variants the range is helping to further extend the reach of high-quality 3D machine vision into a broader range of applications.

The Zivid One Plus L for example is specifically aimed at picking, handling and depalletizing larger objects. With a maximum operating distance of 3m and a field of view of 2.1m x 1.3m, the camera will readily handle standard Euro Pallet applications carrying a mixed load of boxes, totes and free-standing objects.

An enhanced high dynamic range, built-in hardware and software reflection filters and a rapid response electronic iris mean the Zivid One Plus cameras enable 3D color imaging of a host of different translucent, metallic and light-absorbing dark objects at the same time, without compromising on speed.

The Zivid One 3D color cameras are available via distributors and system integration partners, or directly from Zivid sales.


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