Zivid ranked top 5 in computer vision

Øyvind Borgan

StartUs Insights specialize in identifying emerging startups and technologies to deliver actionable innovation intelligence.

For their latest insights reports on Industry 4.0, and specifically Computer Vision, they hand-picked the world's most relevant solutions globally. Zivid was chosen as the top 5 most promising and exciting company for pick and place machine vision solutions.

By detecting the position, orientation, and dimensions of objects, Zivid helps guide automated robots to pick and place a wide range of products for different applications by providing high-resolution 3D imaging and color features.


For manufacturing and inspections tasks, packaging, palletizing, logistics, and bin-picking applications, Zivid One+ 3D cameras have proven to be flexible, fast, and developer friendly with a robust software development kit (SDK).

You can learn more about the Zivid One+ portfolio here, the Zivid Studio visualizer tool here, and the Zivid SDK here.


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