Zivid Developer Series Webinar: Making 3D captures easy

Zivid Developer Series Webinar: Making 3D captures easy

Marie Bodet

What is the perfect recipe for state-of-the-art 3D point clouds? Of course, you need a great 3D camera, robust and fast enough to deliver the task at hand. But you also need powerful software... that you can master easily.

At Zivid, we take it to heart to make ease-of-use a priority in the conception of our products. Zivid Studio is not an exception. We have recently released the Zivid SDK 2.6 and have introduced a few features that make the software even more intuitive and efficient.

However, as a developer, you might have some questions about how to use the software properly and get all the benefits it offers. 

What is the relation between Zivid Studio and the SDK? What are the capabilities of the software? Is the user experience seamless? Our application engineering team will answer all these questions for you on our first Zivid Developer Series webinar!

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Free Webinar: Taking a tour of Zivid Studio and the Zivid SDK

Our first episode of the Zivid Developer Series, "Making 3D captures easy", will take place online on January 27th at 3:00 PM (CET).

In this 45mn (+15mn Q&A) developer-focused webinar, our application engineering team will:

  • Introduce you to Zivid Studio and its relationship to the Zivid SDK
  • Show you the powerful capabilities of Zivid Studio together with its intuitive interface
  • Demonstrate the seamless user experience of moving from Zivid Studio to developing with the Zivid SDK for your application
  • Answer all your questions

Are you ready to make the best 3D captures ever? Register to our webinar here: 

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We hope to see you there!

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