Zivid Enables DHL's Automated E-Fulfillment Robot

Zivid Enables DHL's Automated E-Fulfillment Robot

Øyvind Borgan

Robomotive integrates Zivid One 3D color camera in warehouse robotic picking cell


OSLO, Norway, September 19., 2018 – Zivid, the 3D machine vision camera company, has provided the 3D machine vision capability for DHL’s first fully automated e-commerce order picking robot cell. The Zivid One 3D color camera forms an integral part of a complete turnkey solution developed by leading robotic vision specialist Robomotive.


Installed at DHL’s warehouse in Beringe, Netherlands, the state-of-the-art robot cell is the centerpiece of highly-automated order-picking operations and is running 24/7. With a robot-mounted Zivid One 3D color camera, the robot cell handles products without the need for prior teaching or learning, performing depalletizing, picking, and order-fulfillment functions.

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“To realize such a project with the logistics industry’s global leader is clearly very exciting for our team,” said Michael Vermeer, CEO of Robomotive. “The tremendous versatility of the DHL robot cell combined with its high picking performance is really groundbreaking. It demanded incredibly accurate 3D machine vision which the Zivid One provided.”

“As a long-standing user of our Zivid One camera, Robomotive has shown us time and again how robots can perform very advanced picking tasks extremely fast,” said Thomas Embla Bonnerud, CEO of Zivid. “Achieving 600 picks per hour requires a high-performance 3D color camera and Robomotive has proved that Zivid One has the accuracy and speed that’s needed. DHL’s vision for the warehouse of the future is truly inspiring and we’re proud to have played a part in it.”


To learn more about the high-performance 3D and picking solution, read the customer story about DHL here.


About Robomotive

Robomotive is one of the world’s leading integrators of turnkey robotic systems and is an expert in mimicking the eye-hand coordination of humans through a unique combination of robot, gripper and 3D vision.

Its highly adaptive systems, based on modular software developed in-house, are able to pick a wide variety of items at exceptional speeds up to 1100 picks per hour without the need for teaching or learning from CAD or master data files.

Robomotive’s multidisciplinary team brings more than 25 years’ experience of integrating robust, reliable and safe high-performance 24/7 robot cells in automotive assembly, bin-picking and order-picking applications.

The company has won several robotics industry awards including ‘Hannover Messe’s Robotics Award’ and the ‘European Robot Company of the Year’ Award.

More information about Robomotive at www.robomotive.nl.

About Zivid

Zivid is a market-leading provider of 3D machine vision cameras and software for next generation industrial automation applications. With Zivid One, the world’s most accurate real-time 3D color camera, Zivid has brought to market the ultimate set of eyes for Industry 4.0 applications.

Based on 15 years of fundamental research and in-house expertise in optical sensors, 3D machine vision hardware and software, Zivid focuses on 3D color vision for industrial automation, robotics, manufacturing, warehousing, and smart factories. Zivid enables customers to boost efficiency and productivity by automating new and existing applications like picking, packing, handling, assembly, guiding, inspection and quality control.

Zivid’s first product the Zivid One has received numerous awards for its technical features, quality of data (QoD), and design implementation. Awards include "Top Innovation Award" by inVISION Magazine, "Gold Innovators Award" by Vision System's & Design, Red Dot's “Product Design” award, and the Research Council of Norway's prestigious “Innovation Award”.

Find more information about how Zivid is shaping the future of 3D machine vision at www.zivid.com.

For more information about the DHL solution, visit the solution landing page.


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