Zivid - evolving through 2019

Zivid - evolving through 2019

Thomas Embla Bonnerud

At Zivid, 2019 can be summarized in one word: evolving.

This year, we at Zivid put all our efforts into providing our customers with improvements in one of the essential ingredients for successful machine vision-based automation: human-like eyes for robots.

With our family of Small, Medium, and Large Zivid One+ 3D cameras lies a commitment on our side to deliver high-quality point clouds as fast as possible, as simple as possible.

Our software team launched five SDK releases for developers in 2019. These releases covered everything from ROS and Linux support, Zivid Studio GUI improvements, the first Capture Assistant, better HDR colors, to unique 3D hand-eye calibration. In addition we made lots of under the hood upgrades and tool improvements, enabling you to continuously capture accurate 3D images.

As part of our product delivery responsibility, the engineering team documented our 3D camera's precision, trueness, and accuracy according to ISO 5725. We believe we're one of the few 3D vision companies being truly transparent and presenting a complete datasheet with all these specifications online. We also talked about the importance of this during Control Vision talks in Germany.

The Zivid customer success team answered all your questions in 2019 and posted 90 knowledge base articles, more than 50 code examples, and lots of point cloud examples and how-to videos. Our partners and we also demonstrated the Zivid One+ 3D camera's abilities during our visits at tradeshows, talks, and events all over the world.

We look forward to continuing working with you in 2020 to enhance 3D vision-based applications further, and our promise is that it will be visionary!

Some pretty faces from DemoDay at the Zivid HQ in December 2019.
Left to right: Mikkel, Thomas, Anders, Eskil, and Rune - covering Sales to Software.


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