Zivid exhibits its technology at Vision China 2023

Zivid exhibits its technology at Vision China 2023


After a long absence, the VISION CHINA 2023 finally took place from July 11th to July 13th, 2023, at the Shanghai NECC. Our Chinese team participated in this event and showcased the Zivid 2 and Zivid 2+ series on the show. The latest Zivid 2+ family is a truly 2D + 3D camera, designed for the most demanding industrial applications.

During the exhibition, Zivid collaborated with our local partners to demonstrate a wide range of application possibilities with our Zivid cameras.

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  • See transparent objects demo

    During the exhibition, we showcased the various applications demos. One of the highlights was using Zivid 2+ to see  transparent objects. Seeing and picking transparent objects has always been a challenging problem for machine vision. However,  at Vision China 2023,  Zivid demonstrated how the Zivid 2+ tackles this challenge. Our demo receive positive responses from the audiences.

    We filled the bin with different transparent objects, no matter the plastic bottles or plastic objects inside the poly bags, our Zivid 2+ cameras was able to quickly and accurately capture the high-quality point clouds. With our Zivid 2+ Omni-Engine technology and 84dB HDR (High Dynamic Range), we could see more details in a single capture than ever before.


  • Picking reflective objects demo

    Another demo displayed the Zivid 2 for picking the reflective metal parts in a typical industrial bin picking application. Picking reflective metal parts is always fraught with uncertainty. The reflections between parts and artifact are often affects the capture of high-quality point clouds.

    During the event, we presented a scenario where reflective metal parts were stacked together. Zivid cameras benefit from our unique Artifact Reduction Technology (ART), offering clean and complete point clouds and enabling fast and accurate picking.


  • Piece picking demo our partners

    Zivid collaborated with industry-leading 3D vision software manufacturer MVTec Software to display detecting various consumer products demo.  Zivid cameras can detect unknown SKUs of various shapes, sizes, and materials. The unique combination of native color and high dynamic range allows for reliable and accurate picking. 


In addition, Zivid also collaborate with our local distributor Auniontech to display a piece-picking demo, which is a typical application in the logistic field. The demonstration received high praise from the attendees.


Our team is thrilled to have the opportunity to communicate with our existing partners and also have chance to make new connections. With our recent release of the latest generation Zivid 2+, we are looking forward to more opportunities in the Chinese market. We are also excited to share and explore more  applications that benefit from Zivid cutting-edge 3D machine vision technology.

If you were unable to attend the show and are interested in our cameras, we welcome you to schedule an exclusive demo presentation with our vision experts.


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