Zivid at Vision China 2021

Zivid at Vision China 2021


Vision China, the biggest machine vision technology conference in China, was held on March 17-19, 2021 at Shanghai New International Expo Center (SNIEC). The Zivid China team attended the event, and showcased the industrial Zivid 1+ and Zivid 2 3D cameras to the local audience.

A snapshot of Vision China 2021 – Zivid and our partners’ booths


Our team demonstrated several applications during the event. One demo was a food handling application using the Zivid 2 3D camera. Zivid 3D cameras capture point cloud of objects in full RGB color. The unique combination of native color and high dynamic range enables robots to accurately detect, classify, and pick food of different colors.

Learn more about the Zivid 2 3D camera.

Zivid-Two-Vision-China 2021

Another demo displayed the Zivid 1+ camera for capturing reflective metal parts in a typical industrial bin-picking scene. The Zivid 3D camera delivers high-quality 3D point clouds so robots can safely pick and place the challenging industrial parts without collisions or damage.

All Zivid customers benefit from our unique Artifact Reduction Technology (ART) for removing artifacts from reflections, interreflections, and high contrast transitions often found in industrial metal parts.

Learn more about the Zivid 1+ 3D camera.


Our team was excited to meet new and existing customers and partners at the show. We look forward to exciting future collaborations in China, and to see and share more automation projects benefiting from Zivid's 3D machine vision technology! 

Did you miss a chance to attend Vision China this year? You can still book a free demo and personalized consultation with our vision experts online:

https://www.zivid.com/schedule-a-free-zivid-demo (available both in Chinese and English)

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