Zivid at Vision China 2020

Zivid at Vision China 2020


The Zivid team in China presented our 3D machine vision solutions at the Vision China show in Shanghai last weekend. We want to thank everyone who visited our booth and made the show a safe and productive event. For those who unfortunately couldn’t attend the show, we have put together demo videos for you in this blog post.


  • Food Picker Demo


Did you know that Zivid 3D cameras can capture target objects in full RGB color? With its 2.3 MPixels native image sensor, industrial robots can accurately detect, classify, and pick food in different colors. Learn more about how our 3D machine vision solutions enable food picking robot applications in this case study.

  • Shiny Parts


We partnered with Euclid Labs on the other bin-picking demo for shiny metal parts. Zivid’s 3D vision software provides advanced camera filters to remove direct exposure and reflections from reflective objects. You can read the latest blog post about our ContrastDistortion filter and how it helps generate high-quality point clouds for challenging objects. 

  • Bin-Picking for Tiny Parts 


Magichan, our distributor in China, showcased a bin-picking demo of tiny objects by using a Zivid 3D machine vision camera. Thanks to flexible FoV (Field of View), the camera can cover a wide range of industrial parts in various sizes.  

  • Picking White Objects 


Pickit, a trailblazer in plug-and-play vision-guided robot solutions, demonstrated a bin-picking solution for white outlet switch covers using the Zivid 3D camera. Here's a case study on how Pickit works together with Zivid to tackle challenges in manufacturing automation.

If you missed the Vision China show and want to talk to our engineers about 3D vision solutions, you can book an online demo meeting with us .

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