Top 7 Robotic Demos from Automatica 2022

Top 7 Robotic Demos from Automatica 2022

Marie Bodet

The leading exhibition for smart automation and robotics in Europe just ended last week. Hosted in Munich, Germany, Automatica gathers every two years the biggest automation and robotics companies in the world. The Zivid team was here and we were able to walk the floor of the trade show. We have listed for you the top 7 of our favorite application demos for the 2022 edition. Let's take a look!

Liebherr Gear Technology and Automation Systems

Liebherr have over a decade’s experience delivering high bin-picking solutions to the industry. LHRobotics.Vision incorporates a selection of very best-in-class technologies from the likes of Fraunhofer Institute, Zivid, and Liebherr’s own software user interfaces to deliver a highly flexible, reliable, and easy-to-use bin-picking solution. For Automatica, Liebherr displayed 2 bin-picking demos on their booth, one with a cobot and the other with a robot. 


Website: LHRobotics.Vision

Robotcloud and Yaskawa 

Robotcloud is specialized in hypersmart robotics solutions for a multitude of automated tasks. They build artificial intelligence for the next generation of industrial robots. Their goal is to make automation applications easy, versatile, and not too expensive. Take a look at their pick and place demo using a Zivid camera mounted on a massive Yaskawa robot:


Website: Robotcloud

I-botics and Pickit

We like when demos at an exhibition are a bit different. With Pickit vision system powered by Zivid, I-botics was able to show the visitors of their booth a cobot bin picking demo of bottle openers. This shows the power of high-quality 3D vision with difficult reflective parts such as a metallic bottle opener.


Website: Pickit


MVTec presented at Automatica a deep-learning-based bin-picking application. This combines Zivid 3D vision and deep learning, with the goal of robustly detecting gripping surfaces on arbitrary objects. Unlike typical bin-picking applications, this eliminates the need to train object surfaces.


Website: MVTec

RAMLAB and Techman Robot

RAMLAB is an innovative tech company from the Netherlands specialized in welding and repair. With their powerful system MaxQ Cobot, they aim to bring metallic parts back to life and make an impact in reducing manufacturing wastage. Discover their turn-key automatic repair system for metal parts powered by a Zivid Two 3D camera.


Website: RAMLAB


Aivero provides turnkey cloud-based AI services that save you cost, risk, and time. Their 5g cloud-based robotics platform is powered by our 3D cameras, to make robotics easy, affordable and accessible. It is easy-to-use and subscription-based, which allows smoother automation.


Website: Aivero

IT+ Robotics

All the way from Italy, IT+ Robotics has arrived in Germany to show their powerful solutions. EyeT+ Pick ZV is a compact, robot-mounted 3D vision complete system for multi-bin-picking. You can autonomously switch between products and you only need one vision system. EyeT+ Flex workcell shows, on the other hand, a bin-picking solution where the Zivid 3D camera is stationary instead of robot-mounted.



Website: IT+ Robotics

We hope you liked our review and we are looking forward to seeing you again next year at Automatica 2023!


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