Summer 2021: What happened for Zivid so far

Summer 2021: What happened for Zivid so far

Marie Bodet

With summer breaks right around the corner, it's a good time to look back at what happened so far in 2021. And we had a busy six months.


At Zivid, we are relentlessly pursuing product improvements. We started the year by improving the Zivid software to give our customers the best experience possible. The new SDK 2.3.0 unified Zivid 1+ and Zivid 2 3D cameras, and made Zivid Studio the go-to place for high-quality 3D image capture.

As a recognition of our hard work in producing our second-generation camera, we received an award for Zivid 2 a few months after. Judged by a panel of independent experts from system integrators and end-user companies, we were named Gold Honoree in the 2021 Vision Systems Design Innovators Awards. We were proud to have Zivid 2 ranked as one of the best products in the machine vision and imaging industries with this award.

Specifically designed to support on-arm robot-guided applications, the Zivid 2 enabled our customers to unleash the potential of their automation systems by attaching the 3D camera directly to the robot arm. It is the case of Kolektor Digital who found the machine vision solution it was looking for with its “KocCo Robot Worker”. Light but robust, our Zivid Two 3D camera minimizes any adverse impact on robot maneuverability and payload in KoCo's strictly on-arm applications.

In fact, on-arm 3D vision provides a practical approach to robotic piece-picking. It increases the robot's flexibility, reduces the total cost, and adapts to new pick-and-place workspace settings. To spread the word about this machine vision architecture, we attended many online events and shared our knowledge about the benefits of robot-mounted 3D cameras. Virtual trade show Automate Forward, our talk at the Vision Systems Design Tech Summit, and our presentation for Vital Vision are now online webinars you can watch for free on our website.

To further simplify on-arm mounting, Zivid has introduced a complete range of lightweight accessories for the Zivid 2 camera on our online shop. You can choose from a camera bracket and on-arm mounts for collaborative and industrial robot brands, a protective cage, a detachable cable guide as well as a choice of data and power cables.

Finally, we made 3D hand-eye calibration and in-field correction readily available using our correction and calibration boards.

With the increasing demand and much work to do, our Zivid’s family has consequently grown in the past 6 months. We have welcomed new additions to the team from all around the world to take on new challenges and keep growing.

All of Zivid wishes you a great summer! 🌴

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