Zivid SDK 1.8

Øyvind Borgan

25% faster Capture Assistant in Zivid SDK 1.8.

At Zivid, we are committed to continued advancements of the Zivid One+ 3D camera family through regular software updates.

In version 1.8 of the Zivid SDK, the first software release of 2020, our primary focus is speed of the Capture Assistant, and making sure wrappers for Python, ROS, and C# are up to date.

Faster Capture Assistant

This version of Capture Assistant encompasses all previous improvements on material handling and ambient light, in addition to overall speed gains, and finally, better captures for applications with shorter cycle times.

  • An optimized algorithm provides enhanced results when you work with a limited time budget, typically less than 1 second.
  • In addition to the overall robustness, the average scene analysis time is 25% shorter than earlier versions of Capture Assistant.

Assisted Mode now default in Zivid Studio

Default Assisted Mode in Zivid Studio

With the new Capture Assistant's speed and performance, we modified the capture dialog in Zivid Studio to default to Assisted Mode in SDK 1.8.

Capture Assistant in Python, ROS, and C#

Visit Zivid's GitHub repo to find the wrappers for Python and ROS, where we updated them to support the Capture Assistant. C# is also updated as part of the main Windows installer. 

Python and ROS

You can now use the 2D API in both Python and ROS. The APIs are now stable and in version 1.0.0.

Additional improvements

We've added some under the hood improvements, including compatibility with Intel NEO OpenCL drivers on Linux, and better support for GPUs without double-precision floating-point capabilities. 

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