Zivid SDK v1.7

Zivid SDK v1.7

Henrik Schumann-Olsen

Vivid point clouds and a better Capture Assistant.

At Zivid we are committed to continued advancements of the Zivid One+ 3D camera family through regular software updates.

In the final software release of 2019, version 1.7 of the Zivid SDK, our primary focus is to provide improved capture tools and results. 

→ Get the release software here.

Improved HDR colors

We have refined the color handling when capturing multi-frame, high dynamic range, point clouds with the 3D camera. This provides an overall boost in color fidelity of your captures.

Before/After demonstration of the refined color handling using HDR mode in Zivid SDK 1.7.

This update makes sure that HDR captures now has equal color performance as single captures.

Better Capture Assistant performance

Our goal with the Capture Assistant is to provide Zivid One+ users with a capable and powerful tool for automatically capturing high-quality point clouds. The idea is that you can minimize the manual process of selecting correct exposure settings.

For this update we have paid special attention to the inner workings and the overall performance of the Capture Assistant. This means more robust detection's, better captures on shiny and reflective parts, in addition to handling a variety of target scenes better. You should also experience improved results and sharper images across the 3D camera's working distance. We have also added the capability of the Capture Assistant to adapt suggestions based on ambient light frequency (50 and 60Hz).

Here's a quick walk-through of how you use the capture assistant. 

Following this release the Capture Assistant is no longer an experimental feature and therefore available as part of the C++ API.

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