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Raman Sharma

"Impressive... let's see how it does with this!"

Over the last couple of weeks I've been on the East Coast of the US visiting customers. Since joining the Zivid team less than two months ago, I'm admittedly drinking from a fire hose.

One of the things I'm learning when talking with customers is that when you declare to make the world's best color 3D camera, they will naturally challenge your bold claim by presenting their most challenging objects to image with the Zivid One camera. So, here I was in a conference room feeling pretty good about my 20 minute presentation to introduce the customer to Zivid and our technology.

"Impressive... let's see how it does with this!"

From the lab, the customer brought to the table an object that had presented imaging challenges with all the other 3D cameras that the customer had tried.

In three minutes, I set up the Zivid One to capture a 3D image that was able to handle the dark and shiny material of the object.

"Wow... VERY impressive. I've been in the machine vision industry for 20 years, and I've never seen anything like this."

So how does the Zivid One handle any material?

The camera itself supports measurements by controlling the iris, LED power, and exposure and we apply high dynamic range improvements. This allows the camera to produce high quality 3D images of bright and dark objects at the same time.

For challenging shiny objects, this is a huge advantage. The rapid electronic iris easily adapts to dark and bright objects without compromising on speed and without needing to increase exposure time.

However, the most important secret? We have a bunch of creative people that design smart and adaptive pattern sequences in combination with elegant filters to detect and remove reflections.

Let me know if you have similar challenging objects, and feel free to reach out to schedule a demo of Zivid One - the world's most accurate real-time 3D color camera.

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