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We cover the latest 3D machine vision articles published in the Zivid knowledge base. Based on our customer's feedback, both pieces dive into different application scenarios and topics.

Multi-Camera Calibration

Suppose your project requires a complete point cloud of an object. This situation involves capturing 3D images of all sides of the target item. In this case, it is possible to set up two or three 3D cameras with different viewpoints, where the final output covers every part of the object. A requirement for this type of 3D imaging is multi-camera calibration.


Multi-camera calibration setup

In this article, we suggest key topics to consider before you start developing a multi-camera application. You can also find tips on how best to calibrate multiple 3D cameras to a common reference frame. If you are involved in or want to learn more about multi-camera applications, you should read our knowledge base article for all the details.


Depalletization is used for unloading objects that are usually stacked on pallets. This article describes a typical depalletizing scenario, and uses a Zivid One+ 3D camera to generate high-quality point clouds of the target objects. A typical depalletizing scene is reproduced with a mix of boxes, and point clouds are captured from 2.75 m and 4.50 m to cover the objects' total height.

image-20200423-001258 (3)

Acquisition exposure settings for depalletization

From the knowledge base article, you will learn some challenges with imaging at large distances and solve them by using Zivid's camera filters to ensure high-quality 3D point clouds.

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