Innovation and collaboration through a pandemic

Innovation and collaboration through a pandemic

Thomas Embla Bonnerud

Summarizing a year where we all had to face global challenges is not easy. Still, I believe we found creative and flexible ways to collaborate and work together during unusual times. In a year that has taught us what really matters, I want to thank you for the partnership in 2020.

Exactly one year ago, grand plans for the new year were mapped out. Already within the first few months, schedules and charts had to change. At Zivid, we still kept innovating. The achievements would not have been possible without our dedicated team. They have put their heart, brain, and hours into delivering state-of-the art products and support to you. I'm proud to say that we kept our promise of evolving our existing product portfolio, and we released industry-first 3D software and hardware in 2020;

  • Zivid Two - the new, no-compromise industrial 3D color camera for pick and place robotics
  • 2nd gen Zivid SDK with software innovations that improve point cloud quality and speed and help you perform better part detection, picking, and placing of objects
  • Zivid accessories that simplify setup, mounting, and in-field correction of your 3D camera
  • A 3D developer kit bundle that makes it easy to get started with high-quality 3D vision.

In 2021 we'll continue to be the accessible and transparent company you'd come to expect from Zivid. We'll grow our knowledge base and share our expertise in 3D machine vision. Developer kits and loan programs will be available. You can expect to see product updates as well.

We look forward to continued collaboration in 2021 and to bring your 3D vision-based applications to the next level.

Continue to stay safe,

Thomas Embla Bonnerud


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