Industrial pick and place in Barcelona

Øyvind Borgan

From automotive to collaborative robotics.

Collaborative robot-based automation is opening up new opportunities in markets previously not subject to full automation.

The words are from Joel Hurley at machine vision specialist Vision Online in Spain.

His company is focusing on developing cutting-edge machine vision solutions for their industrial clients. At "Pick & Pack Expo" in Barcelona, they demonstrate their CoPicker solution with the Zivid One+ 3D color camera. You can see their demo in the video below.

We actively operate in Spain and Germany, and our target audience is shifting from mainly automotive to more general industry. We currently develop projects for wood/furniture, food and beverage, and medical products.

Joel told us that Vision Online had performed machine vision integration since 2011. The two founders are not new to machine vision, however. Jaume and Joel have worked with machine vision applications since 1999. In 2007, Jaume programmed the first 3D robot guidance system for ABB robotics using a smart camera and laser hair cross. They are also an MVTec certified integration partner of HALCON.


Check out their random 3D bin-picking and pick & place system on


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