Bringing 3D cameras to market

Øyvind Borgan

Robustness and reliability matter to all of us, whether we are suppliers, system integrators, or customers. In this blog post we covered things to consider regarding ingress protection (IPx) and IEC standard 60529 in relation to using 3D vision in industrial automation applications.

The Zivid 3D products are a combination of advanced software algorithms and precision instrumentation, which means that we have several requirements and regulations to meet.

Since 1933, Nemko has offered services including pre-compliance, international approvals, product and system certifications as well as product testing.

To bring Zivid One+ to the market, we decided to work closely with the engineers at Nemko to ensure that our the 3D cameras comply with requirements anywhere in the world.

During design and development of the Zivid One portfolio, we had to ensure the 3D cameras provide accurate measurements in all settings and conditions within harsh industrial environments. 

Read how we worked with Nemko, and see how we work in the video on


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