ABB cobot impresses Automatica

ABB cobot impresses Automatica

Henrik Schumann-Olsen

I was really impressed with this demo from Pick-it 3D during automatica 2018.

The demo consists of a dual-armed and versatile upper body from ABB-Robotics, the Yumi collaborative robot. Beyond human-like super-sight is enabled by a set of Zivid One 3D camera eyes, and everything is masterfully controlled by the Pick-it software.
Picking for assembly, typically small, complex, shiny metal parts, why is that so impressive? 

As an old-timer in the field of machine vision, I know how hard these objects are to pick and then handle. Seeing all things things come together, automated in a robust, continuous way, with high speed and precision, is exciting both for Zivid, and for the industry.

The unique 3D HDR feature offered by the Zivid One makes such complex tasks achievable, providing better and high quality data on most small, shiny objects. 

See the future - enjoy the video!



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