A new normal

A new normal

Thomas Embla Bonnerud

Adapting to a new workday.

In the current circumstances where most of us are directly or indirectly affected by the demanding, global situation, we want to give you a quick update on how the team at Zivid is adapting to a new normal.

Most importantly, we are fortunate in the sense that no Zivid personnel has been directly impacted. The majority of our staff are now working from their home offices.

Home office ZividFrom a business perspective, we continue to run our operations as usual. In close collaboration with our suppliers, the supply chain, manufacturing, and fulfilment of the Zivid One+ family (Small / Medium / Large) are kept at standard lead times.

Most of our engagement with customers is naturally happening via online meetings. The Zivid sales and customer success team is fully operational and rigged to continue to work on your cases, and to help new and existing customers. We understand that a lot of your projects and initiatives are processing as normal, and for us to be able to support this effectively, we extend some of our services:

  • Loan program. We are increasing the number of 3D cameras for qualified customers who need to evaluate Zivid One+ cameras. For more info, please contact our sales team.
  • Online resources. We continue to create and make content available for evaluation and developing vision-based applications:
  • Local content. Where multiple languages are available, you can use globe icon in the main menu of www.zivid.com to select your preferred language. In addition, we offer these options for the specifications:
  • Demo. If you have application or 3D vision questions, we are available for 1:1 live discussions. Talk to team directly by reserving your time in this online form.

I hope that we can all get through this situation as safely and fast as possible. In all our regional offices, in the US, mainland China, and Korea, we continue our daily, online meetings and keep projects prioritized and uninterrupted.

If you have any questions regarding Zivid, our team, or state of business, feel free to reach out to us at info@zivid.com.

Stay safe, and hopefully we’ll talk soon!



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