The 3D tour of Europe

The 3D tour of Europe

Øyvind Borgan

Zivid joins Machine Vision Technology Forum on tour of Europe

OSLO, Norway, September 30. 2019. – Zivid, the 3D machine vision camera company, will be joining the Machine Vision Technology Forum on its fourth European Tour. The forum brings together the very latest developments in machine vision technology and will visit five countries during October and November 2019.

Organised by STEMMER IMAGING, in conjunction with its training organisation the European Imaging Academy, the 2-day forums will this year feature 40 world-leading machine vision manufacturers. These well-attended forums comprise a full presentation programme across 5 tracks, a large table-top exhibition and an entertaining evening networking event.

In a 30-minute session combining technical presentation, live demonstration and Q&A, Zivid will discuss how to improve productivity using high-quality, eye-safe 3D machine vision. Attendees will learn how white structured light hardware can reduce implementation speed, solve more tasks over a flexible working distance, and accurately recognize more objects.

Mikkel Orheim, Zivid’s VP of Global Sales said,

The Machine Vision Technology Forum is a great way of getting up to speed with state-of-the-art machine vision technology. It really is about openly sharing expertise and real-world experiences and inspiring next generation applications. We’re excited to meet developers and get hands-on with the Zivid One Plus cameras.

The Machine Vision Technology Forum Tour 2019 dates are:

  • October 8-9, Unterschleissheim (near Munich), Germany
  • October 15, ‘S-hertogenbosch, The Netherlands
  • October 17, Paris, France
  • October 22, Stockholm, Sweden
  • November 13-14, Birmingham, United Kingdom

For further event details and to sign up, visit:

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